Van Steenberge

Van Steenberge was founded in 1784 on the border of today’s Belgium and the Netherlands. At that time, the water quality was very low, so it was healthier to drink beer. Today’s owners, the Van Steenberge family, have been in brewery for six generations. They say that their brewing is bloodied and that this implies commitment to the traditional way of making beer.

Gulden Draak

In Dutch it means the golden dragon, and it represents the symbol of the gilt from Gent, which has been adorned by the city for six centuries. Beer contains 10.5% alcohol, and owes it to caramelized sugar, which besides the taste of caramel gives even the taste of chocolate and, of course, alcohol. Packaging: 0,33l

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple

Dark beer. After Gulden Draak's loneliness at the top of the 25 years, a birthday gift is available: Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple. Rich, complex taste with 10.5% alcohol. A gift that is not seen in your teeth. Packaging: 0,33l

Piraat Tripel Hop

Beer is mild orange with fine bubbles visible through the glass. Scent reminiscent of aromas of pear, apple, vanilla. Slightly bitter, well balanced and pleasant. Beer contains 10.5% alcohol. Packaging: 0,33l

Gulden Draak The Brewmaster’s edition

Beer amber beer with 10.5% alcohol and special ALE style. Jef Versele, in honor of his grandfather, Joseph Van Steenberge and the 230th anniversary of the brewery, invented a beer that was kept in Oak's burials with soaked whiskey and thus received a sophisticated taste. Packaging 0,75l

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