The brand Vacu Vin is founded in 1986 and is a part of Dutch Creative Brands Group (DCB) since 2017. Vacu Vin is an international distributor of innovative wine, beer and cocktail related products for home and professional use, which are characterized by their practical applications in daily circumstances. All products produced and developed by Vacu Vin are distinguished by their originality, as well as their favourable price to quality ratio. The uniqueness of the product range is emphasized by the fact that many products are patented world-wide to avoid imitation by other companies. The design, development and assembly is mainly based in the Netherlands, which assures all Vacu Vin`s customers of high quality products.

Twister White J-Hook

Bottle opener

Active Wine Cooler Elegant

Champagne Saver

Wine Aerator

Wine Saver - White gift pack (1 Pump, 2 Stoppers)

Wine Saver - Black gift pack

Wine Saver - Steel gift pack

Wine stoppers - Sivi set od 2 komada

Wine stoppers - Set

Wine Saver - Black gift pack

Wine equipment gift pack



Wine Saver - Giftpack

Wine equipment Black gift pack

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