Tucher is a brewery and a brand of beer based in Furth and Nuremberg in Germany. It was founded in Nuremberg in 1672. The name comes from Freiherrlich von Tucher’sche Brauerei, which in the 17th century was the royal brewery house von Tucher Simmelsdorf. Since September 2012, Tucher has been exporting its products to 21 countries around the world. Brewery production is monitored in the control center, and the brewery also has a high-tech laboratory for quality control and safety testing. The Tucher Brau brewery deservedly won 11 gold medals from the German Agricultural Society.

Tucher Dunkelweizeng

German, dark beer nuts-brown, medium-sized, rich golden notes. The right choice for lovers of robust wheat beer, seasoned flavor with 5% alcohol.

Tucher Hefeweizen

Traditional Bavarian wheat beer with natural yeast moisture. Special selection and patented process of production ensure high taste stability. Highly fermented, refreshing beer with 5.2% alcohol.

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