Terrazas de los Andes was founded in 1999 by Bodegas Chandon Moet Hennessy subsidiaries in Argentina. She got the name of ‘terrazas’ strings terrace at the foot of the Andes mountain ranges. Height from 600 to 1500 meters. Each variety of grapes is planted at an ideal altitude, in order to provide optimum conditions for the growth of grapes and the production of wines of an ideal structure and concentration.

Terrazas Reserva Malbec

Great wine with complex aromas of violet, cherry, plum and black chocolate. Tannins are very nicely integrated and pleasant. You're a very long finisher.

Terrazas Single Vineyard Malbec

The wine is an intensely purple color with reddish shades. An incredible combination of intensity and precision is felt on the nose. It feels aroma of ripe fruits and sweetness of blackberries, plums and red fruits. Then, elegant notes of peppers and cinnamon are discovered. Fruity sensations are repeated on the palms. Tannins are nicely integrated and mature, providing an elegant and complex taste. The aging potential is 20 years and aging will increase the complexity of the wine.

Terrazas Reserva Chardonnay

Wine with golden shades, subtle aromas of white rose, pear and white peach. Then there are a little more complicated notes such as mature pineapple and hazelnut.

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