St Austell/Bath

St Austell was founded in 1851 and is today an independent brewery 100% family-owned. St Austell Brewery is also a leader in the distribution of beer, lager, cider, wine and non-alcoholic beverages in around 5,000 bars, restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs in southwestern England.

Dark Side

Dark Side is an English black beer with 4% alcohol. It is made of roasted barley malt, wheat malt and an old-fashioned type of English honey Fuggles. Wear smells and aromas of chocolate and coffee. Packaging: 0,5.

Proper Job

An authentic IPA filled with water from Cornish, Cornish barley and imported American hops. This beer is a real treat. Rewarding and modern IPA golden colors, containing pear and grape flavors. Proper Job is dedicated to the 32nd Cornwall puke who defended his garrison during the Indian Rebellion 1857-1858. years. In that honor she was awarded by Queen Victoria. It contains 5.5% alcohol. Packaging: 0,50l

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