Ruinart is the oldest established Champagne house, exclusively producing champagne since 1729. Founded by Nicolas Ruinart in the Champagne region in the city of Reims. Entrepreneur Nicolas Ruinart achieved the ambition of his uncle, Dom Thierry Ruinart, to make Ruinart an authentic champagne house. The first delivery of “bubble wine” came out in January 1730. It was originally served as a business gift to fabric traders, just like brother of Dom Ruinart, but six years later Maison Ruinart stopped trading with fabrics because of the success in business with champagne. Ruinart has a longstanding relationship with art. In 1985, Andre Ruinart asked the Czech artist Alfons Mucha to illustrate the poster for Ruinart. The brand is still closely associated with contemporary art and plays a role in many world events such as ARCO, Foire de Bale, Carre Rive Gauche, London Design and Miami Art Basel. The soul of Ruinart itself is the Chardonnay variety. It is grown primarily in Côte des Blancs and in Montagne de Reims. The gentle, fragile Chardonnay will only show the full breadth of its aromatic wealth after slow maturation in the cold of the cellar: up to 3 years for non-vintage wines and 9-10 years for the Dom Ruinart. Lightness, intensity and elegance – in combination of these unique qualities lies a wonder called “Ruinart Taste”.

Ruinart Brut

R de Ruinart is a fine wine, which is dominated by notes of white fruit on the palate, very comfortable and soft. Champagne for every celebration in life. Golden yellow colors with beautiful gloss and very fine bubbles. Very delicate, fresh and fruity fragrances of good intensity.

Ruinart Blanc de Blanc

Made exclusively of Chardonnay grapes from main CRUs, Ruinart Blanc de Blanc is smooth and rounded on the palate. Inspirational fragrance of fresh citrus fruits. It is a balanced wine that shows fineness and strength, beautiful pale golden colors, enhanced by the elegance of a transparent bottle. Non-Vintage 100% Chardonnay from the Premier Cru vineyard in the Champagne region. Drying in oak barrels and bottles.

Ruinart Rose

Presented in the bottle of the 18th century, this champagne reveals a fresh and recognizable pink rose petals. A mixture of 45% Chardonnay and 55% Pinot Noir from main CRUs, Ruinart Rosé is an elegant, smooth, balanced and fruit full-body champagne with distinctive Ruinart flavor due to the high concentration of Chardonnay variety.

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