Pisang Ambon is a brand of a Dutch liqueur produced, distributed and sold by Lucas Bols. It has the dominant taste of banana, with additional tones of tropical fruits and light green. It is based on the recipe of the old Indonesian liqueur. Pisang means banana in Indonesian, and Ambon is the name of the capital city of the Indonesian province that once used to be the Dutch colony.

Pisang Ambon

Pisang Ambon is the smooth, easy to drink banana liqueur that is based on an original Indonesian recipe. The actual name pays tribute to its Indonesian roots because Pisang means banana in Indonesian and Ambon is a small island near Bali. First introduced more than 60 years ago, Pisang Ambon is still a modern international liqueur with an exotic banana taste and a hint of citrus. Well known in the mix with Orange Juice, but also very refreshing in the mix with 7-up or Sprite.

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