Italian beer made from the passion of 1846 and the desire to offer beer of high quality, rounded and balanced bitter-sweet taste. From the very beginning until today, only the best quality, Italian ingredients are used during production. Peroni is a traditional Italian brand that transmits all the key Italian style standards. For over 170 years, beer is manufactured to the highest standards and is made exclusively of high quality ingredients such as 100% Italian malt originating from barley that grows under the sun on the Italian soil and is monitored through all levels of development. Perfect for all the moments you share with your family and friends.


Peroni - high quality Italian lager, created back in 1846. It is produced from 100% Italian malt and barley, with special attention being paid to the selection of ingredients that Peroni make with the unique symbol of Italy. It contains 4.7% alcohol. Packaging-0,33l.

Peroni Gran Riserva Rossa

Peroni Gran Riserva Ross- long-lasting production process, 100% Italian malt and moderate alcohol content make it an ideal companion for your special moments. Lightly, with a special aromatic complexity, with notes of malt and caramel reflect the spirit of Italy in the most beautiful way possible. It contains 5.2% alcohol. Packaging: 0,5l.

Peroni Gran Riserva Doppio Malto

Peroni Gran Riserva Doppio Malto - produced from a special, caramelized malt and aromatic hops, with a long process at a low temperature. Unique taste and spicy aroma represent it as an excellent representative of Italian tradition. It contains 6.6% alcohol. Packaging: 0,5l.

Peroni Gran Riserva Bianca

Peroni Gran Riserva Bianca- a high fermentation beer, produced from 100% Italian malt and wheat aromatic and fresh flavors giving the beer an elegant blurred color and fruitful and spicy aroma. Ideal for enjoying special moments, Peroni Gran Riserva Bianca represents the excellence of Italian tradition and is the perfect choice for authentic taste lovers, and for those who believe that time shapes quality.

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