Ouzo 12 is produced using a unique blend of aromatic seeds, fruits and medicinal herbs in combination with alcohol from molasses and non-synthetic anethole. It has been duplicated twice to get the cleanest and finest product.Ouzo 12 was created in Istanbul in 1880. This most popular brand of ouzo remained true to its original recipe.


Ouzo 12

Ouzo 12 (38% vol.) Is a famous Greek anise drink and a market leader in Germany. His name dates back to the legendary “Barrel No. 12”, from which Kaloyiannis brothers served their best drink since 1880 in their small tavern in Constantinople. In the region, he soon became known for his delicate aromatic taste, which prompted his brothers to start the production of Ouzo 12 in bottles. To date, the Ouzo 12 is made according to the same secret recipe and is the best-known anise specialty in the world. Whether it’s served pure, on ice, or as a long drink with little cold water – the Ouzo 12 is the perfect companion for enjoying unforgettable moments with good friends. Ouzo 12 focuses on genuine Greek hospitality: “best for my friends”.
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