Richard Hennessy founded the Maison in 1765. A maison that has always kept on innovating and creating to give birth to the world’s finest cognacs. Today, Hennessy is an indisputable leader in a cognac, that sells 50 million bottles worldwide. His V.S, Fine de Cognac, X.O, Paradis, Paradis Imperial and Richard are lines in the product range, which are at the same time a measure of excellence in the world, as well as icons of sophistication and luxury. The excellence of the product inspires a stunning ways to enjoy in traditionally small amounts of cognac, or on ice with soda water or as part of cocktails. Made of grapes, the cognac goes perfectly with fruits, spices and other liquors providing an ideal base for delicious cocktails.

HENNESSY Fine de Cognac

At Hennessy, Fine de Cognac is in a category of its own. It stands out for its capacity to reconcile great lightness with a certain structure, expressing the complex subtlety of this balance simply, surely and precisely. This unique blend exemplifies the principles of precision, fluidity and structure, giving fresh meaning to the terms “savoir-faire” and “savoir-vivre” for a new generation of connoisseurs. For these trendsetters, especially in Europe, being contemporary means living in the present while embracing certain traditional values of quality and reliability. Fine de Cognac is the perfect illustration of that approach.


Hennessy Very Special je referenca umetnosti pomešana sa njegovim jedinstvenim stilom. Kao unija toplote duše i punoće ukusa, Hennessy Very Special opstaje kroz vekove i zadovoljava ljubitelje u potrazi za veoma posebnim trenucima.


Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 for his circle of friends, X.O was born at a turning point in history and introduced a new style of cognac: bold, rich and complex. At once deep and powerful, its character seduces connoisseurs, who appreciate its undeniable modernity and constant revelation of layers of flavours, whether tasted neat, on ice or with a splash of still or sparkling water.


Hennessy Paradis is composed of a hundred eaux-de-vie, from the very best years represent the finest of each terroir. Selected immediately after distillation, they are pure yet rich, with a pronounced floral nature. Chosen primarily for their incomparable finesse and wonderful intensity, they already display the notes and texture of ripe, juicy fruit. Their coppery-gold color comes from the old barrels in which they age in the darkness of the Paradis chai. When it comes time to blend Hennessy Paradis, aromatic paradoxes come into play, offering the palate a variety of nuances, which reveal themselves gradually before uniting in perfect harmony.


Rare and precious, this cognac is a product of man’s mastery over time. An unparalleled range of aromas gives Richard Hennessy its unique complexity. It is structured to achieve a perfect balance, and only once it is tasted does it reveal its true meaning. Powerful and unexpected, Richard Hennessy reaches heights that approach cognac perfection.

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