The history of Henkes Gin began more than 180 years ago. The first distillery started in Delfsthaven, a district of Rotterdam, and was called Ooijevaar (stork). To this day the stork, a symbol of purity, well-being and good luck, among other attributes, is an integral part of the Henkes logo.Henkes Gin presents Rotterdam’s pride to the world, far beyond the country’s borders. Its carefully selected ingredients and spices give it a pronounced and stunning character.Henkes Gin gets its distinct flavour from a mix of juniper berries and coriander seeds, which is rounded off with a touch of citrus from orange peels. Aside from liquorice, other plant-based extracts are also used to give Henkes Gin its pleasant balance and smooth character.

Henkes Gin

Henkes gin poseduje svež i neponovljivi ukus semena kleke i korijandera sa primesama kore od pomorandže. Procenat alkohola 37,5 %.

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