Radulovic’s family cellar was formed at the end of the last century (1991) in the Krusevac area. The production of quince brandy was almost unknown at that time, causing suspicion in the majority of producers of brandy production. The motive for entering this production is large quantities of quince grown on the plantations around Kruševac and were intended mainly for the production of juices.

DUKAT Quince

Dukat Quince is a natural fruit brandy drink. This brandy has a special interest in the public and on the market as it lays in small oak barrels. Based on this principle of production Dukat a golden yellow color. It is undoubtedly that the intense taste and the luxurious aroma of quince have been achieved with the oak barrels.

DUKAT Raspberry

From the distillate of raspberry in combination with wood, a brandy with raspberry-like scent is being obtained. Thanks to the use of a wooden vessels and barrels in production, a clean, calming, and aromatic scent is obtained. The taste of brandy is full, harmonious, with a mildly pleasent sweetness. In the production of DUKAT natural fruit brandy, every step is carefully monitored in order to create a perfect brandy.

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