The Dalmore’s heritage dates back to 1263, when the Chief of the Clan Mackenzie, saved King Alexander III from the fury of a charging stag. In recognition of this noble act the King granted the Mackenzie Clan the right to use the distillery and the 12 pointed Royal stag emblem on their coat of arms. In 1867 the Clan became owners of the Dalmore distillery and the royal stag became the recognizable icon of the company.

The Dalmore continues an age old heritage that treasures the sanctity of the cask. The precious spirit is finessed in exceptional casks, hand selected by Master Distiller, Richard Paterson and sourced from the world’s finest bodegas and exclusive wineries.

Dalmore 18 Y.O.

Dalmore’s trademark style is luscious notes of orange, chocolate and spices, and the 18 Year Old bottling is a terrific example. Aged in both bourbon and sherry casks, it has seductive notes of vanilla, dark chocolate and candied orange on the nose, followed by a full-bodied, spicy palate of cinnamon and stewed fruit.

Dalmore 12 Y.O.

Dalmore 12 is aged for the first nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, before half is transferred to ex-oloroso sherry casks for the final three years. The result is a whisky with a combination of sweetness and rich, sherried flavours.

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