Cheval des Andes

The inspiration for Cheval des Andes came from the dream of founder Pierre Lurton to follow the original Malbec vines from Bordeaux to Argentina.

Years ago, Malbec was widely cultivated in Bordeaux and was brought to Argentina in the mid-19th century, only decades before the grape would be decimated in France by a phylloxera epidemic. Today, the only Malbec that exists in Bordeaux has grafted roots, which make it more resistant but also alter its quality. The vines which travelled to the New World over a century ago are ungrafted.

When Pierre Lurton discovered the stunning Malbec vineyard of Las Compuertas, planted in Mendoza in 1929, he was immediately captivated, declaring, “This will be a journey to the roots of Bordeaux.” He wanted to bring yesterday’s Bordeaux wines back to life, reconnecting Château Cheval Blanc with the history of Saint-Emilion.

In 1999, Château Cheval Blanc started a joint venture with Terrazas de Los Andes and Cheval des Andes was born. Since then, a predominantly Malbec, Bordeaux-style blend has become the signature of Cheval des Andes.


Cheval des Andes

An intense red color with a brilliant reflection that expresses the vibrancy and purity of Cheval des Andes. Aromatic, fresh and sophisticated wine, with extremely pronounced notes of black currant and cherry, wild blackberries with subtle tints of mint and spice plants. Complexity and elegance with fine notes of cinnamon are due to aging in oak barrels. Region: Mendoza, Sort: Malbec 71%, Cabernet Sauvignon 22%, Petit Verdot 7%

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