Bols likeri

The Bols family started the production of liqueurs in a small Amsterdam distillery called “Tlootsje” in 1575. Their first liqueurs are cumin, cardomon, and orange. By 1820, Bols had more than 300 liqueur and spirit recipes. The art of mixing and blending rests on three fundamental pillars. Firstly, the authentic Bols recipes that have been closely guarded down the centuries, and the innovative recipes created by the distillery team today. Secondly, the high quality natural ingredients that have been carefully selected by the Lucas Bols master distiller. Lastly, the expertise and knowledge that has been passed on by the Lucas Bols master distillers over time.

BOLS Liqueur

Bols Liqueurs is the number one liqueur range worldwide and comprises more than 45 unique flavors, divided into different groups; citrus, orchard, berries, tropical, herbs & botanicals. These premium liqueurs that Bols has been making since 1575 are widely used by bartenders to create cocktails and are also consumed at home. They are made from high quality natural ingredients such as herbs, spices and fruits. The Bols liqueurs are inspired by 440-year-old recipes and techniques, perfected and adapted to today’s tastes.

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