The story of Pyrat Once, Caribbean islands were the dominion of dastardly buccaneers and other seafaring ne’er-do-wells. Yes this unlikely setting became home to the world’s most enlightened ultra-premium rums – Pyrat Rums. These perfect spirits embody man’s endless quest for greater understanding of the human spirit, for ultimate social enlightenment. Wherever life’s travelers gather to speak wisdom and truth, there will be a bottle of Pyrat. And the presence of Hoti, patron saint and protector of fortune-tellers and bartenders.   Pyrat XO Reserve Pyrat XO ReserveNose: Very citrusy. So much orange peel. Icing sugar, waves of fruit. Perhaps a little cough sweet note too. Palate: Sweet, viscous, more orange. Marmalade. Finish: Molasses, orange peels, marmalade, spice.